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News and events

Coming soon!

The Possibilities Artist will be offering classes on-line, in person and via mailed "possibility boxes"!  Prices and details to come! 

Recent gigs

I currently hold arts and crafts classes at various senior homes.  I am available for private painting parties and lessons.                                                                             I also work for schools depicting their students to use for awards and other purposes.

I also work at parties as a caricaturist.

And...if you need a wall mural, I'm the one!

Community outreach

The Possibilities Artist enjoys giving back by holding painting parties for non-profits and charities that provide various services for our community.  Half the proceeds go directly to the organization! These are fun filled, bonding sessions that are themed as per the organization's request.  They have been held for March of Dimes, United Way, Family Lifeline and many more!

          Painting Parties

Amazing Caricatures!

$40 each

   ($25 for each additional subject)